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Driver stays upright during snowy skid in confounding video


A truck driver stays upright during snowy skid in a video that leaves us wondering if the driver is skilled or just making bad choices. 

In the clip, a truck driver comes up fast on a flatbed hauling machinery on a snowy roadway. The filming rig then slides off the road and veers onto the grassy shoulder. The rig plows through the grass for a long time, and the driver manages to keep it upright and going in the correct direction the entire time. 

The driver then gets the truck back on the road as the flatbed he almost hit pulls ahead. 

The video left viewers wondering if the driver has luck to credit for the save because the video started out with him following so close in such dangerous conditions. 

“That was just lucky no skills whatsoever, if any skills at won’t happen what have happened to start with,” wrote one. 

​​”Yea but why, like you didn’t see the truck in front of you and how fast you’re coming up on it,” commented another. 

“My respects my brother,” added a third. 

Watch the video and decide for yourself below.

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