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Drivers at a loss over new law that prevents truck parking at their own homes


A new law prohibiting the parking of large trucks on personal property has gone into effect this month, leaving truckers living in the area at a loss for what to do. 

The new law went into effect on January 1st for those in the Macon-Bibb, Georgia area. The law does not allow commercial vehicles and trailers over 8,000 to 10,000 pounds to be parked at homes in the area. 

The law affects truck drivers, RV owners, and more. The law also applies to semi trucks and trailers left in public parking lots such as shopping centers. Drivers in the area say the new law does not leave them with a lot of options. 

“Everybody knows there’s nowhere to park in Macon,” said truck driver Raven May. 

May has been driving a truck for 10 years. His shift starts at 3 a.m., and takes him from Atlanta to Savannah and back every day. He says he started parking his truck at home because it’s his primary mode of transportation aside from the personal car his wife uses to get to work and drive their kids around every day. With the new law, May says he isn’t sure what he’ll do. He says it’s unrealistic to expect his wife and kids to drive him to wherever he is allowed to park his truck before 3 a.m., and then drive to pick him back up again. 

“Once you get home from work, there’s nowhere to park in Macon. So, you’ve got to find somewhere to park and not try to get it towed. So, if I can’t park it at my own house, where can I park it,” he asked 13 WMAZ News.

“There’s a Love’s on Sardis Church Road, but locals can’t park there overnight, or it’ll get towed,” he explained. “We’ve got one on Exit Six and Ocmulgee East Boulevard, and that one stays packed, so where can I park?”

“We drive 70 hours a day, and we go to work just like everyone else. We are just trying to make a living for a family and go home, so if you see our truck in our yard, why even bother? Just go about your business.”

May claims he’s never gotten complaints from neighbors about his truck, but a representative with Macon Planning and Zoning says that May has received complaints about the rig and has even been to court about it. 

According to the new law, parking the large trucks is allowed if it is behind the front yard building line. Citations and fines for those violating the law will begin soon with no more warnings, but the cost of the fine will be up to the judge that handles the case. 

The law is part of the Comprehensive Land Development Resolution, which was created to promote the health, safety, and welfare of present and future residents.


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