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Game changing service is revolutionizing the way truckers find and book parking


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Finding a parking spot is often one of the toughest, most time-consuming, and most stressful parts of any trucker’s driving day.

That’s why one Georgia-based company has made it their mission to help truckers across the country find parking solutions by connecting them with property owners with room available for large trucks.

How Does It Work?

Marietta, Georgia-headquartered Truck Parking Club uses an “Air BnB”-style concept to connect truck drivers in need of parking with property owners who are looking to make extra money off of an unused space. The website allows truckers to book daily and monthly truck parking at any of their available locations.

Truck Parking Club founders Evan Shelley and Keith Cristal created the platform to allow truckers to easily search for available truck parking across the U.S. and then to book the spot online within minutes. The properties and property providers are vetted by the company to ensure that the parking space is convenient and reasonable for truckers to use.

Many truck parking spaces are available on the company website for less than $20 per day, and the listings feature images of the space or maps to give drivers a clearer picture of what to expect when they arrive. The listing also shows how many spots are currently available at the facility so that drivers can book available truck parking in real time.

The Truck Parking Club model also provides a good opportunity for trucking companies, CDL schools, trailer leasing companies, truck parking operators, and others to make money from unused property while also providing a vital resource for the men and women of the trucking community. Owners set their own rates and can easily turn parking listings on and off using the online platform.

The Truck Parking Club website also allows both drivers and parking “hosts” to share reviews in order to provide other users with the best possible experience.

What Are Truckers Saying?

Truckers are already responding positively to the easy-to-use Trucking Parking Club experience.

See a recent review left by a driver below.

Watch and Learn More

Check out the video below to learn more about the Truck Parking Club concept.

Join The Club Today

Whether you’re a trucker in need of parking or a property owner interested in monetizing a space, partnering with Truck Parking Club is a smart solution. Click here to learn more and sign up now.

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