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Georgia DPS shares ‘examples of what not to do’ when towing a truck from Tennessee to Florida


The Georgia Department of Public Safety (DPS) made an example out of driver making a scary attempt to tow a vehicle through multiple states.

On February 2, Georgia DPS shared a Facebook post detailing a recent traffic stop made after a driver bypassed a weigh station.

From Georgia DPS:

“Here are two examples of what not to do. 1. Don’t bypass a weigh station when you are to report in. 2. Don’t tow a vehicle from Tennessee to Florida by only using a tow strap. Luckily MCO Ford (Region A) observed this vehicle bypassing the weigh station in Catoosa County and was able to stop it and put the driver and vehicle out of service.”

Social media users shared strong reactions to the violations on display in the post. 

“Dear Lord. Someone could have been killed,” one user said. 

“Should have gotten those Bluetooth tow straps from wish, nobody would know,” another joked.

“How did they make it that far?!?” wondered another user.


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