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Here are 8 wild Qualcomm messages that truckers need to see


Most of the time, trucking companies use Qualcomm as a way to quickly share useful information with their drivers — think road closures, weather alerts, or important updates about the company. But sometimes, someone back in the office takes it a little too far and sends out something unbelievably rude, tone-deaf, or just plain weird without realizing that screenshots are forever.

We’ve rounded up some of the internet’s most unusual Qualcomm messages — check them out below!

1. This “How Much Did You Have To Drink, It’s Not Even Noon!” message


2. These “Would You Say That To My Face?” messages

3. This eye-rolling reminder that going home is a “privilege,” not a right

4. This head-scratching real estate inquiry message

5. This rude “Super Trucker” reminder message

6. A “Was It Really Necessary To Interrupt My Day With This Very Old Joke?” message

7. This message from a dispatcher with a couple of questions

8. And finally, the “Why Can’t They All Be Like This One?” message

What’s the weirdest thing that you’ve come across on Qualcomm? Share in the comments below!


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