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Iowa DOT issues reminder about scale house parking for truckers


On Monday, Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Enforcement (MVE) reminded truckers that they are “not only allowed, but encouraged” to park overnight at weigh stations.

In an April 24 social media post, Iowa DOT MVE told truckers that they are welcome to park at scale house locations throughout the state.

From Iowa DOT MVE:

“Please let this serve as another reminder that you are not only allowed, but encouraged, to park at our scale locations for much needed rest. They are quiet, safe, and the perfect place to get a good night (or day’s) sleep. Furthermore, our scale sites in Jasper County and Dallas County in the metro area are currently having public restrooms built for the drivers to use!

This was sent in by a driver who asked us if he could park there. Our response? Absolutely!”

Iowa DOT MVE shared a similar message last October encouraging truckers to park at weigh stations, promising no wakeups or inspections.


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