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Livestock hauler out of service for fatigue after motorists call Nebraska troopers


The Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) is asking people to report any unsafe driving that they spot after a truck driver was reportedly caught while driving fatigued on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, May 24, NSP shared a social media post about the results of calls from concerned citizens regarding a truck hauling a livestock trailer.

From NSP:

Just a reminder that you can always call *55 to report a dangerous driver. NSP received multiple calls yesterday about this semi being unable to maintain its lane on I-80 near Omaha.

The driver was placed out of service for being fatigued. Always drive alert!

The post generated hundreds of comments from Facebook users in just a few hours. Many expressed frustration that police do not respond to calls about dangerous motorists the same way that they respond to calls about CMV drivers. Others pointed out that hauling livestock poses major challenges to truck drivers in terms of fatigue, hours of service, and animal safety.

Call about 4 wheelers all the time but nothing is ever done. Too many double standards,” one user stated.

How about the cars that are on the road for 24 hours that people driving them are fatigue and never required a walk around or and inspection, let’s keep it fair,” another said.

As a truck driver, I wish you guys would put equal amount of attention to all the cars that do the same,” a Facebook user wrote.

Once they get them cattle loaded, they have to get through their destinations nonstop! They may have a chance to stop along the way for a hour or two nap!” another person pointed out.


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