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Load shift and multiple trees demolish cab but trucker still manages to walk away 


Trucker walks away from demolished cab all on his own after veering off the highway and into some woods in Wisconsin earlier this week. 

The accident happened on Highway 82 near Arkdale, Wisconsin on Monday, December 4th. 

According to Murray Transport and Recovery, who responded to clean up the incident, the tractor trailer veered off of the highway and into the treeline, where it smashed through more than five large trees, ripping the front axle off of the rig. The force of the impact caused its load of steel to shift and pierce through the cab, completely destroying it. The crash left the truck covered in fallen trees and scattered the load of steel plates. 

Miraculously, the unnamed truck driver was able to exit the demolished truck on his own, and met responding officers along the roadside when they arrived. 

No further information has been released, but cleanup crews say it was an extensive recovery.


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