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NYC trucker deals with double-parked van in this video saga 


A truck driver calls on the New York City Police Department to help him deal with a double parked van in this series of videos. 

The series starts on an early morning in NYC, when a flatbed truck driver can’t get around a corner due to a white van parked incorrectly on the street. 

“Somebody gettin’ towed today!” the driver says, explaining that he called the police to help him move the van rather than damage the vehicle by making the turn with it in the way. 

In the next video, the police have arrived on the scene and are inspecting the van, writing down its information, and probably writing the owner a ticket.

“Day in the life of a New York truck driver. I’m good. I ain’t even upset. Whatever happens, happens,” the driver says. 

In the third video, the NYPD tow truck has already hooked up the van in question and moved it so that the driver could ge through.

“The wrecker showed up and cleared a path. Snatched it out of there. See what happens?” the driver says. “All he had to do was park right here,” he continues, pointing to another spot. 

In the fourth and final video, the driver has finally made it to his delivery location, but has to unload in the middle of the street with traffic all around. 

“Took the tarp off in the street, getting offloaded in the street. It’s an exciting morning!”

Any truck driver could appreciate this kind of trucking morning, but those who frequent NYC will especially understand.


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