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Oklahoma police thank trucker for rescuing toddler wandering in the streets


The Wynnewood Police Department (WPD) recently recognized a truck driver for saving a small child found walking in the streets amid traffic this week.

The incident occurred on June 6 at the intersection of Robert S. Kerr and Washita Ave in Wynnewood, Oklahoma.

According to WPD, truck driver Robert Delaplain spotted a child wearing a diaper walking in the middle of the intersection.

Police say that Delaplain stopped his 18 wheeler and got out to rescue the child.

Fox 25 reports that Delaplain stayed with the toddler until WPD arrived at the scene.

From WPD:

A truck driver in an 18 wheeler had to stop in an attempt to save this child. When our officer arrived and located the residence from where the child had left from, the officer had discovered that this baby had not only traveled on foot several blocks, he had also crossed the railroad tracks, in heavy traffic. After questioning, it was discovered that the child had figured out how to unlock the door and walk away from the residence.

After learning the identity of Delaplain, WPD posted a message to thank him for his actions.

Mighty men do mighty things!!! Thanks to some of our followers of this page, the Wynnewood Police Department has discovered the identity of the mighty man who saved the baby in traffic from yesterday’s incident. Big Rob Delaplain, Sir, the Wynnewood Police Department and this community owes you a debt of gratitude for your actions and compassion displayed on the morning of June 6, 2023. You shut your big rig down in the street, stopping traffic, to save this child. We will forever be grateful for your actions. Thank you Sir.

Check out the video below for more on this story.


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