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Plow driver delivered tacos and sandwiches to truckers stranded by storm in Wyoming


A Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) snow plow driver is receiving appreciation from the trucking community after he went above and beyond to provide meals and drinks for truckers stuck during a heavy snow storm.

With I-80 in Wyoming closed for long periods of time due to harsh winter weather, plow driver Jaron Fry began to notice more and more stuck trucks in the Evanston area.

Fry is a former truck driver and understood the struggle that truckers face finding available food during winter weather emergencies.

Jaron Fry/Facebook

Fry told local outlet Cowboy State Daily “I remember when I was stranded, I just wanted some decent food, not what I had stored in my truck. This closure had been for several days, and I kept seeing the trucks stack up as I worked my 12-hour shifts plowing, and I just kept thinking, these guys need a good meal.”

Using social media, Fry began to spread the word that that he was gathering food for the stuck truckers during his down time, asking them to private message him on Facebook or “turn your flashers on and I will stop by.” He also began accepting donations through Venmo to try to provide more supplies for the stuck drivers.

Fry delivered tacos from Taco Bell, breakfast burritos from McDonald’s, Jimmy John’s sandwiches, and bottled water to the truck drivers who reached out.

Fry expressed gratitude to those who worked or donated to help him feed the truckers and to truckers themselves for their efforts to keep the country moving.

From Fry:

Whew!!!! What a good time delivering food,waters and cookies the last few meals prior to 80 being opened again! I was met with nothing but kindness,from the drivers,to the comments here,venmo’d money,demanded I take a little cash,and employees who made the large orders! Yes,I had a few people reach out asking if they could send money and so I posted my venmo (please dont send anymore!) for a LITTLE help. Oh man! You guys and gals came through whole heartedly within minutes I had several venmo donations and even after providing 3 meals and waters to the drivers that needed them I still sit here with an incredible surplus (600+ and extra cases of water) for future closures. I myself have been stranded in a big rig for days at a time and remember I just wanted some food other than what I had stocked in my truck,so I decided to just simply start getting food to these drivers. My intent was never to make money so this will be set aside for future closures! Thank you to the admins,Compassionate Journey (cookies,water,and cash) Paul and Cherisa Lee Spatig,The food service workers,all of you who donated and or commented your kind words,and most importantly the heartbeat of America sitting behind the wheel of those big rigs,THE DRIVERS!!! You are all appreciated and hope if nothing else you have safe travels! I am still a little awe struck by ALL of you,so from me to all of you God Bless you!! You have restored my faith in humanity and I’m reminded of Sept 11th 2001 days where we all came together with a common goal!!


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