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Police in Arizona town warn of ‘zero tolerance’ enforcement for trucks parked in residential areas


Local police in San Luis, Arizona, issued a warning to truckers who park in residential areas on Tuesday — find legal parking options or face a fine.

The San Luis AZ Police Department (SLPD) took to social media on February 7 to let the public know that they’ll be stepping up enforcement on residential semi truck parking following complaints from locals.

“As a reminder, the San Luis Police Department is focused on maintaining safety throughout the city. For that we are taking enforcement action on different issues that have been complained by citizens, which includes semi-trucks parking in residential areas. Their will be zero tolerance on this issue we are seeing and we are informing the community to avoid these issues,” SLPD said.

The post shared several photos of illegally parked semi trucks in the San Luis area.

Local ordinance 10.15.250 has been in place since 2004 and forbids the parking of commercial vehicles in residential areas:

No person shall stand or park a vehicle with a rated chassis capacity in excess of three-fourths of a ton or a tractor, semitrailer, trailer or bus on a local street in a residential area except during the process of loading or unloading the vehicle.


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