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Police say dash cam shows trucker had right of way in crash with bus that killed 15 people


Police have released more information on a mass-casualty crash that occurred in Manitoba last week.

The crash occurred shortly before noon on June 15 at the intersection of Highway 1 and Highway 5 near Carberry in Manitoba.

According to RCMP, a semi truck was eastbound on Highway 1 at the same time that a bus transporting senior citizens was southbound on Highway 5.

“The bus had already crossed the westbound lanes of Highway 1 and was crossing the eastbound lanes when it was struck by the semi,” RCMP said.

The collision resulted in the deaths of 15 people. Ten others were hospitalized with injuries.

As the investigation progresses, RCMP issued a statement indicating that dash cam video from the semi truck showed that the truck had the right of way.

From RCMP:

We have obtained video footage of the collision from the semi-trailer which indicates that the bus entered the roadway where the truck had the right of way. Extensive analysis is being done on the video before any further determinations are made. We have seized the bus and the semi-truck. Both have been secured and further analysis will take place.

We are determining whether the semi had an event data recorder that will help us ascertain a number of critical pieces of information, such as speed, exact coordinates, and mechanical status.

Investigators have taken witness statements from passing motorists. Those statements corroborate what is seen on the video.

We have spoken with the driver of the semi-truck but we have not spoken with the driver of the bus as he is still being treated in hospital.

RCMP did not release the dash cam footage to the public.

The investigation is ongoing.


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