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POLICE: Trucking company owner’s fatal late-night fall from shipping container “not suspicious” despite links to gang activity 


Police say that the death of an Australian trucking company owner after falling off a shipping container in the middle of the night was “not suspicious” despite the company’s links to gang activity. 

43-year-old Troy Kellett fell off of a shipping container in the Outer Harbour dock in Adelaide, South Australia and died at 12:30 a.m. on Sunday, July 9th. Kellett was the director of a trucking company in Melbourne that had recently sold for $10 million and was previously owned by gang-related criminal Tony Mokbel. 

Friends of Kellett say that the apparent circumstances surrounding Kellett’s death are unusual. Kellett was allegedly at the dock yard for a last-second delivery, but his friends say he stopped driving himself years ago, and has plenty of drivers that could have taken the load for him. 

‘Troy doesn’t drive, he hasn’t driven for years. He’s got in the teens of drivers there that could do the run. I don’t see why he’d be there. It’s not like Troy to drive, it’s not like Troy to take off on Saturday when he’s got his kids. Troy wouldn’t drive for no reason,” one unnamed friend said to Daily Mail

‘There’s no need to be on top of a container,’ they added. ‘Why was he on top of a container? And why was he up on top of a container at 12.30 at night? The only conclusion I can come up with is that he was hiding. Something happened and he was hiding.’

Two other men were arrested at the dock at the time of Kellett’s death. One is facing four firearms charges and the other is being charged with being “unlawfully on premises” and giving false details, reported 7 News.

Police say the arrests of the two men were unrelated to the investigation of Kellett’s death. Officers have deemed Kellett’s death “not suspicious.” The investigation is ongoing.


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