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‘Public health hazard’ — School district and residents fight to halt planned truck stop in Illinois


Residents are speaking out against a new truck stop planned for DuPage County, Illinois, calling it a “public health hazard.”

QuikTrip is planning to build a new location at 91st Street and IL-83 in Burr Ridge, Illinois, but a growing number of residents and local groups are speaking out against the new truck stop.

The DuPage County zoning committee is planning to address public concerns about the truck stop in a hearing on October 12, according to Patch.com.

Ahead of a decision by the zoning committee, on October 4, the Burr Ridge School District 180 adopted a resolution officially opposing the construction of the QuikTrip.

The resolution provides a variety of arguments against the truck stop, including that the truck stop would interfere with school buses picking up and dropping off students; that students would be exposed to noise, fumes, and dust from the trucks; and that the increased traffic would have a “negative impact” on residents, including the students.

Additionally, more than 2000 people have signed an online petition opposing the construction of the truck stop.

From the petition:

We are residents of Dupage county who are deeply concerned about the public health hazard a QuikTrip truck stop on IL-83 would pose to our community. These lots should be used for developments that enrich the culture and well being of our residents. Approving a QuikTrip truck stop would be a harmful construction that puts children and all residents in danger. Based on the following reasons, we strongly implore the board to deny zoning approval for this project. 

  1. 1. IL-83 and 91st is an already busy intersection for Anne M Jean elementary school, Burr Ridge Middle School, and 4 places of worship to which community members routinely walk: the St Kirils Macedonian Orthodox Church, the Mecca Center Mosque, the Wat Buddha Dhamma Meditation Center, and the Anjuman-e-saifee Masjid. 91st in particular is a narrow two way road. Placing a truck stop in that area would make the intersection even more dangerous for pedestrians, particularly young children who are out of the bus stop radius and walk to and from school and religious community activities. It is deeply concerning that children could easily become victims of motor vehicle accidents in the area. 
  2. 2. Air pollution: the truck stop would increase exhaust and air pollution where residents and children routinely have outdoor activities when weather permits

You can view the full change.org petition here.

In June 2023, Burr Ridge Mayor Gary Grasso also publicly objected to the plans for the QuikTrip, stating that “the proposed use of a truck travel center is not appropriate in this area and will negatively impact residents and other businesses.”


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