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Thieves demanded unarmed security guards “mind their own business” as they raided tractor trailer in broad daylight 


Tractor trailer thieves ignored security guards and continued to raid the rig’s cargo after being approached by the unarmed pair in St. Louis over the weekend. 

The theft occurred on Sunday, October 15th in St. Louis, Missouri  at around 12:20 p.m. in a parking lot in the 4500 block of North Broadway. 

According to KMOV 4 News, a witness notified two female security guards that a theft was taking place, and the guards went over to investigate. The guards then found two men and a woman stealing televisions from the back of a parked tractor trailer and loading them into three passenger vehicles. 

The guards confronted one of the men who then pulled out a gun, aimed it at the security guards, and told them to “mind their own business,” while pointing out that the two were not armed. 

The three suspects then drove away in the three vehicles loaded with televisions. They were last spotted driving south along Second Street. No further information has been released. 


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