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This body cam footage shows an officer saving the life of a slumped-over dump truck driver 


A Florida deputy’s body cam captured the officer’s life-saving actions after finding a dump truck driver slumped over in his seat. 

The officer saw the dump truck run off of Interstate 95 and hit a guardrail near Oak Hill, Florida on Wednesday, June 14th at about 6 p.m. The officer then went over to check on the driver and found him slumped over in his seat, so the officer jumped into action. 

The body cam eventually goes dark, but the audio records the officer’s successful attempt to get the driver breathing and his attempts to keep him breathing until paramedics arrive. The officer speaks to the driver the whole time, even introducing himself and promising that more help is on the way as the driver’s labored breaths continue. 

The scene comes back into view on the body cam once paramedics arrive, and they soon take the driver away. 

The Volusia Sheriff’s Office reports that the driver was treated at a nearby hospital, where he was breathing on his own, and is on his way to recovery.


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