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This is as close as a trucker can get without actually crashing


You can actually feel the load shift in this semi truck close call that was captured on dash cam. 

In the clip, the filming driver is traveling along a narrow highway with no shoulder when the truck in front of him suddenly stops. The filming driver is left with a choice: smash into a car on the left to avoid the truck, or do their best to stop in time. 

Miraculously, the driver manages to stop in time without hitting the back of the trailer, but he used every single inch of space available – He could not have stopped any closer to that trailer if he tried. 

“This sums up the importance of following distance,” wrote one viewer. 

“And actually braking when you see brakes,” added another. 

“That’s as close as you can get without actually hitting someone. I bet the guy in front of him had no idea,” commented a third. 

Watch the video for yourself below. 

Close call
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