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‘To those saying CB is dead,’ this trucker’s Channel 19 distress call story might change your mind


A truck driver recently shared a viral social media post about how his CB radio call for help was answered by two fellow drivers.

Driver Paul Haynie shared the story of his breakdown in Texas on April 9, 2023.

Haynie wrote:

To those saying the cb radio is dead or they only run it when they need it…. here’s a little story for you from my early morning breakdown….

This morning I left Amarillo, Texas headed east on I40.i started smelling coolant and noticed spray from under the truck. I got pulled over and realized I had busted a hose. Call boss man and realize I can and will fix my leak while I’m the middle of a thunder storm. Get it fixed. Go to my trailer side box to realize 2 of my jugs had holes worn in them and were empty. I grab my 1 gallon and all my bottles water which wasn’t enough to even get the truck started. I realized I’m in a bit of a pickle. I’m 10 miles from the nearest gas station.

I jumped in the truck and called out for anybody on channel 19 for a driver in distress. I got 1 reply, I told him I needed water to get me to the next exit. I heard him calling out for any east bound drivers to help. About 5 minutes later I heard a crackle in the cb asking about the driver needing help. Told him my location and about 5 minutes later him and another driver are pulling up with about 3 gallons of water.

Got the truck running and one guy followed me to the exit to make sure I made it. I offered both drivers money, lunch or anything I could do to return the favor. They both declined and told me to pass the help along.

So drivers always keep your ears on, you never know when it could be life changing for somebody. And to those 2 gentlemen that helped me with nothing in return I thank you rom the bottom of my heart!!



Many social media commenters took a moment to share how the story made them feel.

“As someone with a family of truckers out there, this warms my heart so much. Drive safe!” said one Facebook user.

“And that’s why mine is always on. I’ve stopped to help several drivers with stuff like that. And I’ve had several ask if I needed help when I was down on the shoulder,” another person wrote.

“I still holler at guys parked on the shoulder asking them if They Are Alright…even though 9/10 times I get no response…but ya just never know,” said another driver.


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