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Town officials say ‘aggressive signage’ actually worked to prevent trucks from getting stuck on narrow road


Officials in a Virginia town say their newly installed signs have drastically reduced the number of semi trucks that get stuck on a narrow, winding road. 

The eight mile stretch of State Route 664 from Nelson to Augusta counties in Virginia is known for snagging semi trucks that try to navigate the narrow lanes and sharp turns. Truck drivers trying to get from Interstate 81 to Route 29 would fall victim to the roadway and get stuck, causing major traffic issues for residents in the area. 

The Virginia Department of Transportation banned tractor trailers from traveling the road in 2021. Now, Wintergreen Fire Chief Curtis Sheets says the installation of “aggressive signage” in addition to the ban has fixed “90% of the problem,” reported CBS 19.

“For the people that live and work here, it means everything. Because if you arrive at a stuck truck on that road it’s going to add at least 20 minutes to your commute, and that’s assuming that the Blue Ridge Parkway is open. If it’s not, it could add an hour,” he said.

In addition to the ban and signage, fines issued to truck drivers who ignore the ban have added to the ban’s success.


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