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‘TQL Pay Me My $8000’ trucker speaks out, says he was partially paid, has received death threats


The owner-operator who showed up at TQL headquarters this week with a spray painted trailer demanding payment has spoken out to share his side of the complex and high-profile story.

Gabriel Scott Riqueza took trucking social media by storm this week when video and photos emerged of him pulling a trailer painted with the message “TQL Pay Me My $8000” to TQL headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio on November 1.

The incident resulted in police responding to the scene.

After the incident gained more attention on social media, Riqueza issued a response. He clarified that he actually had been paid a large chunk of the $8000 in late October but there was an apparent miscommunication with his factoring company. He says, though, that he is still owed more than $2000.

See the statement posted on Reddit below.

This is not a fake news sir, I AM THE DRIVER in question, and I own the company as well, I got on here to clear my name, first off I only have and operate with one Mc alone, My name is Gabriel Scott, my wife’s name is Theresa scott, the business is opened under both our names, My wife is currently serving the country “Army”. I have no reason to lie or fabricate stuff…

…If any broker would put us on DNL or do not use for standing up for our rightful pay after 110days plus before we got paid, that means such broker isn’t healthy for this industry. The rates are extremely bad rn, I won’t sit down watch my bills pile up when a billion dollar company sit on my money after loads where delivered with clean bills.

I want everyone to note that before I went to TQL office I did call “Bills” extension and the lady by the name SAM hung up the call on me. I called at about 9-10am, I did not receive no call back till after I showed up at the office and was instructed to leave by the police. Bill then called to inform me that TQL had paid me $5800 on the 26th of October and the $2kplus balance will be paid in 3weeks. I had to confirm from my factoring company if payment was received after which I and bill came to agreement to take down all my live streams, and inform folks like you that I got paid. Remember prior to my post information the group that I will be visiting Tql office, NOTHING WAS DONE ABOUT MY CASE FOR OVER 110days. Now let no one question why I spray my trailer, all my 3 trucks and trailer are paid off cash, I have titles to them all. I can decide I want to write same thing on them all because technically as it’s stands all my money isn’t paid yet. 

Riqueza also appeared on the Real Freight Talk podcast, speaking for nearly an hour about the situation.

Riqueza explained at the top the interview that he received more than 20 phone calls after the story blew up. Some of them were from companies who claimed he owed thousands of dollars. He says other calls were death threats.

“Some say hey, if I see your truck, I’m gonna set it on fire,” Riqueza said.

He goes on to explain that his factoring company was indeed paid on October 26 but that he wasn’t informed about the payment and that he had a tough time reaching anyone at TQL on the phone to get more information on the situation.

You can view the LinkedIn post featuring the interview below. 


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