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Truck driver arrested for the deaths of two women has “most likely killed more,” says police chief


A Kansas City truck driver was arrested for the deaths of two women back in the nineties earlier this week.

52-year-old Gary Dion Davis was arrested this week for the killing of Pearl Barnes in 1996 and Christina King in 1998. Officers in a new Kansas City Police cold case unit were able to connect Davis to both crimes using DNA evidence. He is now being held in prison on second degree murder charges for both deaths, but seasoned officers say it is likely he has killed more people. 

“We believe that once we’re done with the investigation that we may be able to connect him to other cases, but we still need the public’s help. We’ve reached out to other agencies, going through their cold cases… But, in my experience, based on him killing two women, most likely he’s killed more,” said Police Chief Karl Oakman, reported The Independent.

Davis was a long-time truck driver, and is believed to have killed Barnes and left her body in a vacant home on Christmas Day in 1996. He is also believed to have beaten King to death and dumped her body behind an abandoned building in 1998. 

“Who did it? Why? How could they do that to such a young person? She was only 26,” King’s daughter, who was only 10 when her mother was killed, said. 

“Her autopsy [showed] there were so many injuries and so many abrasions and bruises. I just don’t understand what she could have done that bad to deserve that.”

Davis is being held on $500,000 bond.


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