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Truck tire anomaly sensors at Wyoming Port of Entry lead to out of service order, citation


The Wyoming Highway Patrol (WHP) recently utilized newly installed technology at a Port of Entry to detect a semi truck’s tire issues and provide enforcement.

On June 19, law enforcement at the Evanston Port responded to an alert from sensor technology installed at the facility for a commercial motor vehicle with possible flat tires.

When the truck was pulled off for an inspection, it was discovered that “both inner tires on the same axle were flat.”

The truck was taken out of service and the driver was cited, according to WHP.


In late November 2022, Wyoming Highway Patrol’s (WHP) Commercial Carrier Division announced that technology designed to help detect commercial vehicle tire or brake defects has been installed at several locations within the state.

Troopers said that Tire Anomaly Sensors and Brake Thermal Imaging cameras were installed at several ports of entry throughout Wyoming.

The technology is intended to allow troopers to identity unsafe trucks “before brake malfunctions and/or blown tires.”



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