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Victim of road rage shooting calls truck driver a “monster” as police continue search 


A tow truck driver is on a long road to recovery after being shot multiple times by a truck driver in San Antonio earlier this month. 

The incident happened on February 8th at about 12:30 a.m. in San Antonio, Texas. Now, the tow truck driver, who wishes to be identified only as “Mr. Alfaro,” says that there is a long, uncertain road of recovery in front of him. 

Alfaro says it all started when he tried to merge onto Interstate 35, but the tractor trailer wouldn’t let him. 

“It wasn’t a lot of traffic. It was 12:30 a.m.” he said to Kens 5 News.  

“I honked my horn for a little bit just to let them know, like, hey, what the hell?” and that’s when he says the truck driver shot him and drove away. 

“I see him at my window and I looked to my left again and I was shot,” said Alfaro. “Before you know, my arm fell in my lap.”

Alfaro was able to safely pull over, but when he got out of his vehicle, he realized his leg was also severely hurt. 

“I fell because I didn’t have this leg. So I’m laying on my back on I-35,” said Alfaro. “The best thing I could do to save my life was crawl underneath my truck…. I’m unconscious. I wake up by the grace of God and I’m just like, ‘Help, help!’ I remember my fiancée yelling for me. She couldn’t find me.”

Alfaro spent the next five days in the hospital, and now has a brace on his arm and leg. 

“I have a big rod [in my right arm],” he explained. “[Doctors] cut me all right there to put a big rod in there with plenty of pins. The doctor said it’s a possibility that I might not get this [arm] fixed. It might not heal within six months. It might not heal within a year. It might not ever heal.”

Alfaro says he believes the truck driver was shooting to kill, and he and his family are now asking for help in getting the driver off of the streets. 

“Please help me and my family bring somebody like that off these streets. That’s a monster out there,” said Alfaro. “Who knows how many other people he did like this.”

Police are still searching for the truck driver, who was in a yellow semi truck with yellow and orange chicken lights on the trailer. Crime Stoppers is offering up to $5,000 for information leading to an arrest.


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