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VIDEO: Big rig violently jackknifes while hitting pole amid possible road rage incident


A suspected road rage incident resulted in a major single vehicle semi truck crash that was caught on dash cam.

The dash cam clip was shared on April 26 by the YouTube account RM Videos. It isn’t clear when or where the video was captured.

As the dash cam video begins, two trucks are traveling nearly side by side in the left and right lane with a passenger vehicle closely following the truck in the right lane. The passenger vehicle suddenly swerves onto the shoulder to pass the trucks on the right.

The truck driver in the left lane slows and moves right.

The passenger vehicle appears to slow or even brake check the first truck in the right lane, causing that driver to merge left. As the car driver takes the exit, the truck that just merged left swerves across the right lane to also take the exit but apparently loses control, causing it to jackknife as the trailer strikes a pole, sending the pole flying.

Check out the video below.


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