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VIDEO: Dash cammer says trucker jackknifed to ‘save my life’


A dash cam owner says that a truck driver’s quick thinking saved him from being “squashed between a large truck and a smaller delivery van.”

The dash cam video was captured on January 16, 2023, in New South Wales, Australia.

The dash cammer explains the events leading to the truck jackknifing.

“I passed the truck about a km back. It had its hazard lights on, so I went around. Unfortunately it had trouble when it came down the hill behind me. I was slowing down because there was a delivery van in front of me and there were traffic lights ahead. The truck driver made a very quick decision to jack knife his vehicle, so it would not collide with me. I believe his quick thinking saved my life. I would have been squashed between a large truck and a smaller delivery van, had it not been for his quick thinking. Luckily the truck did not roll,” the dash cammer said.

Check out the dash cam clip below.


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