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VIDEO: Four wheelers like this make it hard to keep a clean driving record 


A night of trucking almost takes a turn for the worse thanks to a thoughtless motorist in this video. 

In the clip, a truck driver is traveling down a dark highway when a four-wheeler suddenly decides that this is his exit and he has to get over NOW. 

The car speeds up and cuts in front of the moving truck just as the exit passes them by, forcing the trucker to hit the brakes as the motorist realizes what they’ve done. The car manages to get over onto the shoulder of the highway just after the missed exit and narrowly avoids a collision with the now-angry trucker, who lays on the horn. 

“It’s really hard to have a clean driving record when you have people like this on the road,” reads the video caption.

“The fact that they even attempted to make that exit is insane. They could have been killed and for what? 30 seconds of inconvenience? These people must have parts of their brains missing where you’d find common sense,” commented one viewer. 

“10 bucks says behind you was clear. They always pass just to cut off. Just fall behind and exit safely. People are idiots,” added another. 

Watch the video below.


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