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VIDEO: Is this the toughest truck dock in the U.S.?


A trucker shared a video breaking down a “nightmare” dock at a paper mill in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania.

YouTube user and truck driver Patrick Harrington shared video documenting his love-hate (mostly hate) relationship with a tough docking situation at a facility in Spring Grove.

He describes why the dock is so challenging for truckers:

Truck Driving Nightmare! Putting a long straight trailer into a curved dock. Like putting a square peg in a round hole. This part of the mill was built in 1864! It was designed as a train dock. The old train tracks are still somewhat able to be seen. At some point some one decide to turn this into a Truck Dock. This Truck Dock feeds on trailer doors. Some drivers are back there for hours and give up. Only 45 ft trailers are used here. Anything longer would not be able to be fit around the turn. It takes several attempts most times to pull a trailer out of this dock! This is the Truck Driving Twilight Zone. As you are backing up There are obstacles within inches of your Truck on all 4 corners of your rig! This Dock gets used about once a week. Many people work as Trailer Jockeys at this mill for years and never do this dock once. They avoid it like Covid 19. This place is big enough to require multiple Trailer jockeys at all times 24/7 365. Others do it once or twice and never go back. A few of us have to go there on a somewhat regular basis. It is almost like a magic trick! I have counted every single time I have backed a trailer into this place. I have reached 104 as of the time I am uploading this Video. George Wescott worked here as a Jockey for over 15 years he would be the “King” of this place as best I know. Very few people last more than a year or 2 doing this very difficult job.

Check out the videos below for more.


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