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VIDEO: Motorist flags down big rig driver to stop bridge strike


Watch as a motorist goes above and beyond to flag down a big rig driver who is headed for an embarrassing and costly bridge strike.

The video was captured on October 31 near the Glenridge Road Bridge in Glenville, New York.

In the video, Paolo Citone films as he chases down a truck as it nears the bridge, flashing his lights and honking to get the truck driver’s attention.

After the truck driver pulls off, Citone tells him that “The bridge is 10’11” — You’ve gotta turn around!”

The video shows the truck driver getting his truck turned around and driving off, no damage done.

So many trucks strike the Glenville Road Bridge that officials recently spent $1.4 million on a new warning system to alert truck drivers to the low clearance.

Check out the video below.

After viewing the video, many users took to social media to thank Citone for his actions.

“Thank you for being a decent human being and letting them know,” said one user.

“As a trucker, I would like to personally thank you myself for having the respect and honor to save this truck driver from making a mistake that could’ve been a tragedy. I’m quite sure he appreciates you to the fullest and so do I,” another person commented.


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