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VIDEO: Motorist lends hand to trucker overturned in roundabout 


A motorist lent a helping hand to a truck driver in need after his rig overturned in a Wisconsin roundabout on Thursday. 

The accident happened in Mcfarland, Wisconsin on the Highway N roundabout at about 8 a.m. 

Dennis Dempsey says he was just taking his usual route to work when he noticed a semi truck ahead of him begin to slide. 

“[The truck] hit the roundabout and when his trailer hit the roundabout, it bounced in the air, came down and all of a sudden started jackknifing,” Dempsey said to Channel 3000.

Dempsey says he panicked for a moment, worrying that the truck was smash into another vehicle, but the truck overturned instead. 

“Oh my gosh, I was praying so hard at that time,” Dempsey said. “He slipped probably 60 feet; it happened so fast.”

After the overturn, Dempsey drove up to the side of the overturned truck and urged himself to remain calm as he tried to offer help to the truck driver. 

“I’m like, ‘Can you hear me? Are you in there? Is everyone ok?’ And all of a sudden, I hear the driver’s side pop open.'”

Thankfully, the truck driver was able to climb out of the truck, and Dempsey offered him a jacket and water as they waited for first responders to arrive after calling 911. 

“I just happened to be there, and it’s just a natural human instinct for a human to help other people,” Dempsey said. 

It is unclear if the wreck was caused by weather, but the overturn was so severe that the truck’s trailer ripped in half. No further information has been released.


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