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VIDEO: Moving company guys camping in the left lane call the cops on big rig passing on the right


Dash cam captured a highway confrontation between a moving company’s truck in the left lane and a semi truck in the right.

The video was shared by a Facebook user on April 15. She writes, “My boyfriend works for a moving company. This happened on their way to Arizona.”

In the video, the moving company driver is cruising in the left lane at 75 m.p.h. as a tractor trailer attempts to get past them on the right, with a second slower semi ahead in the right lane. The moving company driver doesn’t back off to let the trucker through, causing a tense moment as the truck tries to force its way in. The second semi driver moves left in what appears to be an attempt to give the truck driver who wants to pass more room. After that, the moving company guys say they’re calling the police to report the incident.

Check out the video below.


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