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VIDEO: Overconfidence or brake failure?


An astonishing video ends in a serious collision, leaving viewers torn on whether the driver simply made a bad choice, or experienced some type of mechanical failure. 

In the clip, a driver is seen traveling in the far left lane when the truck suddenly seizes the gap between two rigs and moves into the center lane. The truck then crashes into the truck in front of it, seemingly without slowing. 

The truck’s cab is then ripped in half and appears to go partially beneath the trailer of the rig it crashed into. 

“Gah D*mn!” exclaims the filming driver. 

The incident occurred on Interstate 40 in Brinkley, Arkansas and thankfully there were no fatalities. 

While it is unclear exactly what caused the incident, one viewer had this to say about the wreck:

“Few things happened wrong here and definitely could have been a preventable accident on 2 parties

1. Camera man rode shoulder of road to take exit causing truck that crashed to lose an emergency exit as you see perfectly in screenshot.

2. Truck that crashed had 4 way flashers on way back probably indicating his brakes had failed and were faded and he was going way too fast in the first place.

3. Truck that crashed should have used the left shoulder but no one can say left shoulder was clear from just the video without knowing a car was stopped there on the side.

4. If truck that crashed lost brakes he should have gotten off the road as soon as possible instead of waiting to get close to traffic

In all this way 100% preventable had the camera truck not illegally taken the shoulder to take an exit to avoid traffic and had the truck that crashed paying more attention and gotten off the road sooner.”

“His brakes didn’t fail. He was traveling too fast; he didn’t know there was a slow down in front of him. We see it everyday. Some drivers have that lead foot that don’t want to let up for bad weather, construction zones or a wreck. They have to be the fastest person on the road, in the front hammering down,” added another. 

Watch the video below. 


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