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Video walks you through what happens during a Level I inspection


This informative video provides a detailed look at each step of the Level I inspection process, courtesy of the Indiana State Police (ISP).

Video Provides Detailed Walkthrough of Level I Inspection by Indiana State Police

The video was recorded at the Richmond scale facility and shared by ISP on February 23, 2023. It features a step-by-step breakdown of each component of the Level I inspection.

Take a look at the video below.

See below for details on the Level I inspection procedure from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.

Level I – North American Standard Inspection

An inspection that includes examination of driver’s license; Medical Examiner’s Certificate and Skill Performance Evaluation (SPE) Certificate (if applicable); alcohol and drugs; driver’s record of duty status, as required; hours of service; seat belt; vehicle inspection report(s) (if applicable); brake systems; cargo securement; coupling devices; driveline/driveshaft; exhaust systems; frames; fuel systems; lighting devices (headlamps, tail lamps, stop lamps, turn signals and lamps/flags on projecting loads); steering mechanisms; suspensions; tires; van and open-top trailer bodies; wheels, rims and hubs; windshield wipers; buses, motorcoaches, passenger vans or other passenger-carrying vehicles – emergency exits, electrical cables and systems in engine and battery compartments, seating, HM/DG and specification cargo tank requirements, as applicable. HM/DG required inspection items will only be inspected by certified HM/DG and cargo tank inspectors, as applicable.

NOTE: If more than 20 percent of pushrod travel on exposed pushrods cannot be measured, then the inspection would not be considered a Level I Inspection and shall be identified as a Level II Inspection.

NOTE: A five-axle vehicle combination with one axle not measured will still require two defective brakes to be placed out of service under the 20 percent brake criteria.


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