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VIDEO: Sand truck protects a line of cars from a rear-end big rig crash


Stunning traffic camera video shows a semi truck colliding with a sand truck at full highway speed.

The video was shared by Instagram account truckertwits on September 17.

In the video, you can see a long line of cars stopped for traffic in the right lane of a four lane roadway. A truck that appears to be loaded with sand is the final vehicle in the line.

A semi truck approaches the line of vehicles, and for unknown reasons, does not stop but instead slams into the dump truck, sending a cloud of sand up into the air.

The crash appears to cause the semi truck to veer slightly left, away from the line of stopped vehicles.

Take a look below.

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Video viewers took to the comment section to try to figure out what happened. Here’s what they had to say:

  • “If his brakes did fail, why didn’t he just take it to the grass? Didn’t have to take another truck down with him.”
  • “Must’ve been on the phone.”‘
  • “Holy crap! That truck loaded with sand saved a lot of people.”
  • “This one is difficult to figure out. He was conscious because he held the curb. If was wasnt paying attention he would’ve drifted into another lane. If it was brake failure he should’ve taken the shoulder.”
  • “Zoned out!!! Basically asleep.”
  • “He must be having a medical emergency.”

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