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VIDEO: Truck driver slams on brakes, sends animal parts spewing onto dash cammer’s windshield


Gut-churning dash cam video recently captured in the Netherlands shows a truck losing a load of animal innards during a crash.

The video was captured this week on the A67 in Geldrop.

Dash cammer Jeroen Hendriksen was driving in the left lane when a truck in the right lane hit the brakes to avoid a rear-end crash, sending animal parts flying out of the truck.

Hendriksen told local media outlets, “At first I thought they were stones because all I saw was something red. But then everything ended up on my car. When I turned on my windshield wipers, I saw that it was blood and pieces of animal.”

See the dash cam video below.

Truck crashes and scatters offal everywhere
by u/minibin01 in IdiotsInCars


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