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VIDEO: Reckless motorist turns without looking right into the path of semi traveling 60 MPH


Dash cam captured an impressive feat of defensive driving by a truck driver forced to contend with a motorist who doesn’t appear to be paying attention when turning.

The dash cam clip was shared by Dash Cam Owners Australia on May 21, 2023. In the video, an SUV turns directly in front of the dash cammer’s semi truck. The dash cammer is able to avoid a major collision and clips the truck, then veers off of the roadway, managing to keep the truck upright.

The dash cammer explained the events captured in the video: “Had a ute drive straight across infront of me in a road train doing 100kph, Stuart Highway, SA. All three occupants were extremely lucky to walkaway, I’ve walked away sore and bruised but feel this is a good educational experience everyone needs to see, trucks are much heavier and definitely don’t respond as quickly as cars!”

Take a look at the video clip below.


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