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VIDEO: SUV brake checker insists on punishing trucker for not letting her merge in front


A truck driver’s dash cam captured an epic encounter with a stubborn brake checker.

In the video, the driver of a white SUV appears to become angry with the dash cammer when he refuses to let her merge in front of him.

The SUV driver then delivers a couple of major brake checks to the dash cammer, forcing him to slam on his brakes to avoid a crash. The truck driver blares his horn in response.

The SUV driver comes to a full stop in the single-lane roadway. The truck driver hits the horn a couple more times to try to convince the SUV driver to move. Finally, the truck driver says “whatever” and seems to decide to wait it out to see how long the SUV driver will really sit at a dead stop in the lane.

“What the hell ever. You’re not ruining my day,” you can hear the dash cammer say.

You can see the SUV driver stick her head out of the window to yell at the trucker as other vehicles pass on the shoulder. The trucker blares his horn in response.

Eventually, the trucker tries to pass on the shoulder but the SUV driver swerves in front of him. As the vehicles approach a busy intersection, the SUV driver again stops right in front of the dash cammer and refuses to move.

Check out the video below.


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