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VIDEO: This elderly driver deserves respect…. But also maybe retirement?


A video of an elderly truck driver has raised a debate over wisdom vs. old age in trucking. 

In a video posted to Reddit, an elderly truck driver makes his way back to his truck with the help of a cane. His hunched posture and slow movements have viewers torn over whether to offer him the utmost respect, or to voice concern over his potentially declining driving abilities. 

Many viewers said they felt worried about the safety of others with such an elderly driver around, while others pointed to his wisdom and the caution that comes with age:

“I feel for the driver pictured but am suspicious that he is capable of being a safe driver in his condition.”

“I have no problem with an old timer working if they want. Ageism is a real problem. But age does affect reaction times and vision does degrade.”

“What I think isn’t important compared to what his employer and the medical examiner who signed off on him think.”

“I’d question the thoroughness of his pre-trips but once he’s behind the wheel I bet he’s 10x the driver most guys half his age are.”

“It’s really not for anyone here or the poster of this video to decide… At his age, he’ll be doing annual physicals, annual vision checks, and annual license renewal with testing. Let that and his driving record speak for itself.”

Others pointed out that the driver may have no other choice, or simply loves driving too much to quit:

“This is sad, because you know he would probably like to retire, but can’t.”

“It’s all he’s probably ever known and wants to do. This shit gets in your blood and it’s hard to get out of. I’ve went local numerous times in 10 years and I always come back otr. Always. That man will live and die in his truck just like many of us on here.”

“For some the road is the only home we know.”

Watch the video and decide for yourself. 

Do you think he is safe to still be driving?
by u/Telo712 in Truckers

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