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VIDEO: Trucker comes completely unhinged in fit of road rage 


A truck driver exhibits some seriously unhinged behavior towards a motorist in this road rage clip. 

In the dash cam video, a semi truck in the left lane comes speeding up behind a white car in the right lane. The truck then pulls up next to the white car and nudges it off the right side of the highway before slamming on the brakes in front of it. 

The car then pulls into the right lane and tries to get around the raging truck driver, but the whips back out in front of the car. The motorist then hits the brakes and lets the driver continue on their way without any more confrontation. 

“Happened when my co driver was on the wheel, said the poor girl driving the car was so scared she was full of tears, thoughts?” reads the video caption. 

“Got all his sh*t [information] cuz of my dashcam, but wanted to get more opinions before I did anything,” the video poster continued. 

“He’s gonna do that to the wrong one some day,” commented one viewer. 

“Can we all say ‘attempted murder’?” wrote another. 

Watch the unhinged behavior for yourself, below.

Need to get this guy off the road
by u/Ramzabeo in Truckers

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