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VIDEO: Trucker tensions are so high during this argument that a fire extinguisher gets involved 


Trucker tensions reach an all time high in this parking lot video. 

In the clip, two drivers are having an argument, getting in each other’s faces, and nearly getting into a physical fight in the parking lot of a truck stop during the day. 

At one point, one of the drivers walks away, but the other one reaches into his storage and snags a fire extinguisher before stomping over to threaten the other driver with it. 

The driver with the fire extinguisher eventually walks away, but it’s unclear whether that was the true end of the conflict. 

Watch the video and decide for yourself what they were arguing about, below. 

[Truck Stop Madness] Man was really about to bust dudes head open with fire extinguisher 🧯 .
by u/babyrajtc in Truckers

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