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VIDEO: Trucker trying to maneuver around crash takes a tumble down a snowy hill


The moment that a trucker ran into serious trouble on the Alaska Highway was recently caught on video and shared on social media.

On January 16, Facebook user Dean Adams shared video of a semi truck’s slip and slide on a snowy roadway where a previous crash had occurred.

Adams explains how the crash happened:

Edit: The driver in the ditch was coming down a major hill on an extremely slippery snow covered highway 1 mile south of Jedney (mile 126 on the Alaska highway)

One semi truck spun out and an other trucker spun out beside and in front of him. He figured he would be able to pass him spinning his tires up the hill. This is the results for the next guy.

To all the arm chair truck drivers commenting…

Tell me you’ve never driven the Alaska highway with out telling me you’ve never driven the Alaska highway!

That’s an 8-10 degree hill all ice covered, if he hit the other truck the highway would have been shut down for hrs potentially. It took less than 15 minutes to clear the highway and get traffic moving and no one was hurt. The driver slowed down and pulled to the right and took the ditch as a last resort. Proper driving for the conditions…

You can see the video below.


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