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VIDEO: Utah cop sets the record straight on who should yield when a vehicle merges onto the freeway


The St. George (Utah) Police Department recently shared a video to try to educate the motoring public on how to properly merge onto a roadway.

The video features a St. George Police Department officer demonstrating a successful merge as she talks viewers through the finer points of the maneuver.

From the St. George Police Department:

Freeway on-ramps aka Acceleration lanes.

—It’s important to get up to freeway speed BEFORE you reach the merge lane markers.

—Vehicles already on the freeway DON’T have to yield to you. Those merging onto the freeway have the responsibility to merge safely into the flowing traffic.

The video has been viewed nearly 330,000 times. Many viewers said that mergers who expect traffic already on the freeway to move are a huge pet peeve and appreciated the police taking the time to set the record straight.

Check out the video below.


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