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WATCH: 17 year old motorist apologized in tears after this bonehead move 


A truck driver’s quick thinking saved the life, or at least the day, of a teenager in this short dash cam clip depicting a teenager vs. fully loaded grain hauler.

In the video, the truck driver was “hauling grain out of the field,” he described. “85,000 is what I weighed. That’s legal.”

The fully loaded rig is heading down a busy main street when a motorist in a gray sedan pulls out in front of the trucker and then slows down, seemingly out of panic. 

The truck driver then manages to steer the rig halfway off the road and onto a grassy shoulder to avoid smashing into the car. 

“When we came to a stop, there was a girl about 17 years old in the passenger seat almost in tears. She looked up at me and said ‘we are so sorry.’ I just said ‘please go.’”

The driver said he hoped this footage could be used as some sort of educational video. So, here’s a quick reminder everyone. Don’t pull out in front of commercial trucks!


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