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WATCH: A warning against driving drowsy or distracted 


A motorist captured a tragic wreck between a commercial truck and a van on dash cam. 

In the video, traffic is moving along a two lane roadway when a van in front of the filming driver gently veers into the lane of oncoming traffic. The van then collides with a cabover truck (which manages to stop impressively quickly) and the impact sends the van spinning onto the snowy right side shoulder. 

No movement is seen from the wrecked van as it smokes on the side of the road. 

“Lack of sleep maybe?” reads the video caption. “[Original person] who posted it said the driver died.”

“The abrupt stop of the semi was really impressive,” commented one viewer. 

“This is almost exactly what happened to me. For me though, I looked over at my gps to make sure I was headed to the correct location for my job. Then the road turned…. then blammo. I nearly died,” added another. 

The video can be seen as a sobering reminder, below. 


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