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WATCH: CB comes in handy during near-miss on an icy highway


A dash cam video shows a CB radio and fast reflexes coming in handy during a near-miss on an icy highway. 

In the video, a trucker is heading down a wintery roadway behind a pilot car for an oversize load with the CB on. No one in the video seems to be leaving extra space for the less-than-ideal conditions, and that becomes obvious pretty quickly. 

For reasons that we can’t see in the video, traffic starts to slow. The filming driver successfully slows down without issue in the right lane, but the left lane of traffic finds it a little more tricky. 

The pilot car and multiple semi trucks end up in the snowy median to avoid a pile-up, and it seems to work. 

“Left lane, left lane! Accident. Slow it down guys,” the filming driver says into the CB. 

What do you think could have been done better in this scenario? Check out the video for yourself below. 

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