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WATCH: FedEx driver pulls a VERY last-second exit 


A FedEx driver pulls a very last-second exit in this clip from a motorist’s dash cam. 

In the video, the FedEx driver is in the far left lane when the interstate forks into two different exits. 

Suddenly, the truck driver decides he’s going the wrong way and cuts across a lane of traffic, drives through the median, and pulls directly in front of the car, forcing the motorist into the right lane to avoid a collision. 

“Truck drivers have really gotten bad lately. They used to be so careful and nowadays they speed and swerve all over the road. I respect what they provide for our country, but they are some of the biggest dangers lately,” one viewer commented. 

“What do you expect from FedEx? I mean that’s pretty much par for what they do…” added another. 


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