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WATCH: Four-wheeler’s sudden stop causes 12 inch load shift for steel hauler 


A motorist’s sudden stop causes load shift for the filming truck driver hauling a load of steel. 

In the clip, the trucker’s dash cam captures an SUV coming to a full stop on a two lane roadway, apparently without looking in their rearview mirror. 

“These dash cameras don’t make these events look as bad as they really are,” the truck driver explained. 

“Four wheeler decided to come to a dead stop because the camper way ahead was turning. Carrying 46,000lbs of steel pipe. I went from 65 to 5 in about 4-5 seconds,” the filming driver continued. 

“Load shifted forward about a foot. Luckily I oversecure my loads and everything held.”

The SUV then realizes there is a giant, heavy rig behind them and pulls onto the grassy shoulder, allowing the trucker to continue on their way. 

“Just a wild guess, they are lost, they think nobody is behind them, stop, check the gps, then they glanced at the mirror and saw you coming up fast. Still if that was the case they should have pulled off the road in the first place,” commented one viewer. 

“Yeah. Could be. I just assumed it was because of the camper turning ahead. But that makes sense. Agree though that stopping in the travel lane isn’t the best place to stop and figure out where you are,” the poster responded. 

“Good job on avoiding that fatality. Hats off driver,” added another. 

What are people thinking when they do this?
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