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WATCH: Hammer-lane driver stops traffic just to make it to nearly-missed exit 


A truck driver stops traffic to make his exit in this video of a bold cut across multiple lanes of vehicles. 

In the video, traffic is flowing on an Indianapolis highway until suddenly it isn’t. It soon becomes clear that a truck driver nearly missed his exit and decided that there would never be another one. 

The filming driver honks his horn and slows down as traffic lets the truck through. 

“He would’ve died on that road from old age if he didn’t take that exit!” joked one viewer. 

I missed my exit last week in Georgia and ended up at the gate to a military base. Was no big deal. They just let me through so I could get turned around. No one is going to shoot you if you miss your exit,” added another. 

Watch the video below. 

When you absolutely have to exit from the hammer lane.
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