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WATCH: Irate woman wields stick in parking dispute with box truck driver 


A woman threatened a box truck driver with a stick during a confrontation over parking in this video. 

In the clip, the woman is filmed walking towards the truck driver with a stick in her hand demanding he get his “f***ing truck out of the way.”

“Yeah, put that stick down, okay? I feel threatened and will react in self-defense,” the driver responds to the woman, who continues to wave the stick.

“Oh, you’re going to call the police, right?” the woman said to the driver, still refusing to put down the stick. 

“Yes, I’ll call the police. I’m not going to take crap from an old lady. Put down that stick, I feel threatened.”

The woman then threatens to report the driver to police, and the driver almost laughs at her. 

“Report me to the police?” he said.” You just smashed the side of my truck with that stick.”

“I’d love to hit you with the stick,” the woman responds. 

The driver then says that the woman should have just stayed in her car. 

It’s unclear how the confrontation ended, but it sure is strange to watch. Check out the video below.


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