A Mexican truck driver sacrifices his own truck just to keep cars from passing him on a highway in Mexico in this wild video. 

In the clip, a truck driver travels along Highway 57 in San Jose Iturbide, Mexico and appears to be under the influence of something he shouldn’t be. As the truck drives along, the driver actively swerves to block any other vehicles from passing him on the roadway. 

At one point, the driver swerves so sharply that his entire truck overturns onto the shoulder of the roadway. 

“On Highway 57, in the section of Qro – San Luis Potosí, in the direction of SLP, a driver of a trailer appeared to be under the influence of something as they were fighting to keep other cars from passing. Later, a car tried to overtake from the right, so the driver turned sharply and overturned,” reads the video caption. 

Watch the video below.

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